How to Elevate Your Home Bar

➊ Aperol ($24.95) This orange apertivo from Italy is less bitter than Campari and open to experimentation when a drink needs a bite.

➋ Bitter Truth bitters ($14-18) We’ve made do with Angostura for so long that being let loose on this premium line—with flavours like Celery and Creole—instantly makes you a more interesting host.

➌ St. Germain Elderflower ($38.40) This ethereal French spirit is made with hand-picked elderberries and is perfect for adding je ne sais quoi to everything from a Manhattan to a Kir Royale.

➍ Ransom Old Tom Gin ($37.25) Technically gin, but it has a sweeter flavour profile than London Dry. A must for pre-Prohibition cocktails like the Ramos Gin Fizz and Tom Collins.

➎ American Rye Sorry Mad Men fans, CC is not rye; nor is Crown Royal. They’re Canadian blended whiskies and as such they lack the true rye kick that Sazerac ($29.95), or even the ultra-cheap Old Overholt ($14.76), supplies.