Survey: Help Us Make the Ultimate Vancouver Summer Bucket List

What are the best outdoor activities to do in the summer in Vancouver?

Summer is coming, and we want to get out of here.

“Here,” in this case, is inside. Because we don’t have to go far in this city to find the best outdoor activities around—from hiking to biking to kayaking to sipping margs on a patio (yes, that counts!) Vancouver is positively lousy with summery to-dos.

Of course, we only want to give you the best—that’s why, for our 2024 Outdoor Issue (coming to your mailbox this June, because you subscribed for free because knowledge is power), we’re surveying Vancouverites about their favourite summer activities and their favourite places to do them. We want to hear about the bike route you love, the campsite you covet and the picnic spot you take every one of your summer flings to (hey, if Burnaby Mountain works, it works).

Answer our survey below to help us build the best Outdoor Issue ever. And if you’re worried about us blowing up your secret hike, get a grip: sharing is caring.

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